CRM Software

CRM Software

With Happyclick CRM software, manage and map your entire lead process from capturing the lead, conversion and completing the project. This is hassle-free and rich-featured CRM software to match the modern business needs; in fact, it gives impact by integrating marketing and sales together.

  • Store all your contacts, notes and documents at one place.
  • Automated and standardize work process.
  • Control who can view and edit individual data capture fields.
  • Keep your logs tidy by purging them by date or date range.
  • Check and edit calendars, schedule appointments and meeting attendance on the fly.
  • Manage your to-do-list for any personal information.
  • Customize an activity plan with unlimited appointments and reminders.
  • Manage your team’s productivity and responsiveness with dynamic task management tools.

CRM Features

Lead Management

Through Happyclick lead management manage all your leads from the lead capture to the process of conversion.

Project Management

Happyclick CRM project management empowers you to create accurate and up-to-date reports of the projects.

Sales Management

Sales management at Happyclick gives you the comfort to manage all the sales activity.

Inventory Management

In Happyclick CRM manage and view all your inventories at single place.


This module is very needed and convenient for the clients to add / remove any subject in the software.


Mail Chimp, My Operator- also open to integrate with others as per client request.

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