PPC Services

Our PPC Pricing Starts From Rs.3000/- Rs.5000/- Rs.7000/-
Account Set up
Campaign Set up
Keyword Research
Ad Copy Development
Bid Setup
Landing Page Recommendations
Implementation of Conversion tracking Code
Ad Optimization
Text Ads
Image Ads 2 4
Remarketing Ad
Interest-based Ad
Topic Targeting
Placement Sites Targeting
PPC Maintenance
Landing Page Optimization
Creating new landing pages (Recommendations)
A/B Testing
CTR Analysis
Keyword Refinements (if required)
Bid Refinements (if required)
Reporting Techniques
Work reports weekly
Weekly Campaign Performance Report
Email and Chat
  • Client Goal
  • Target Keywords Target Markets Campaign Action
  • Audit Assessment & Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Study & Understand Product, Services & Solutions
  • Action Planning, Setup & Performance Measurement
  • List the finalcampaign goal/objective
  • Finalize the campaign plan & strategy. Target, Budget, Campagin Groups & Messages
  • Strategy Analysis & Planning (Re-enter Process)
  • Schedule Action Items with Co-Accountability
  • Goal Report & Review Process
  • Divide Actions Items between Client & Solid Radicle
  • Campaign Structure, Keywords, Ad Text, Landing Pages, ConversionTracking Analysis & Thank You Page
  • Campaign Setup & Live
  • Monitor & Analyze Traffic, Conversion Data
  • Campaign Optimize, Tweak, Research More Keywords & Achieve Campaign Goals

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